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4 technical SEO tasks that are critical to organic success

Search engines can drive revenue and awareness for your company if your website is healthy – and success in organic search in technical SEO tasks, today is about a lot more than just keywords and content,” said Shachar Radin Shomrat, CMO of Deepcrawl, in her presentation. In today’s marketing landscape, technically sound websites are required.”

Over the long term, how well your content performs is heavily influenced by the technical aspects of your website.

Taking the time to optimize technical aspects of your site that influence page speed, indexing, and more can prevent you from losing traffic and revenue.

In order to help increase organic visibility, SEOs should take care of four key technical tasks

1. Optimize site architecture

Shomrat said that architecture is your foundational stage. “If the overall website structure is not optimized for search performance, any page on that website will not have its best chance of being crawled, appearing in search results, and ultimately converting into a revenue-generating asset.”

Most search professionals agree that site architectures should have a logical flow with a hierarchy of pages. Crawlers and users can make sense of your site this way.

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2. Ensure pages are crawlable

Search engines and users should be able to access your pages with valid status codes. SEOs should ensure that the pages they want to include in the index have a 200 HTTP status code.

Additionally, search marketers should ensure their robots.txt files are not blocking the indexation of their pages. You could prevent crawlers from viewing your pages altogether if you place a disallow directive in the wrong place.

3. Check which pages allow indexing

You cannot assume that your pages will be indexed just because they are crawlable. It is crucial that marketers ensure their pages’ robot tags allow indexing.

“Users will not see a non-indexed page in their search results at all,” Shomrat said.

4. Improve page experience

On sites with poor user experiences, such as slow-loading pages, conversion rates are lower. In an effort to prevent this from happening, Google and other search engines encourage site owners to optimize their technical structures. This allows their content to shine in search results.

“If you do not fix your [technical] foundation, your content and keyword investments won’t deliver the return you expected,” Shomrat said.

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The necessity of technical SEO

SEO success depends on the technical quality of your site. Company executives and team members can be difficult to convince.

It takes a lot of moving parts to create a strong technical foundation for your website to rank well on Google and provide an excellent user experience, Shomrat said.

She added, “It goes beyond the confines of most marketing departments.”.

She recommends that marketers show their teams the value of technical SEO by establishing clear goals and showing how their efforts are meeting them. To show the full impact of technically sound sites for organic search, she recommends sharing studies and other educational resources with colleagues and executives.

Promote organic and website health KPIs as business-wide OKRs [objectives and key results] to get the support you need from leadership. Data suggests that technical SEO and website health can be comparatively low-cost channels for acquiring customers.”

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