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10 Questions to Ask Your SEO Agency in Melbourne

While hiring third-party search marketing services, it is imperative that they are experts in their field. The agency’s capabilities have a direct impact on your bottom line.

SEO agencies differ in their capabilities. Therefore, it is imperative to know a few things about an SEO agency prior to hiring them.

SEO Melbourne services compiled a list of 10 questions to ask SEO agencies should be able to answer.

1. What type of SEO services do you provide?

Search engine optimization is a broader term that encompasses several activities. In general, you should have three types of SEO for an organic search strategy – technical, on-page, and off-page optimization.

Some companies only offer technical SEO, which pertains to the background aspects of your website that are relevant to search engines.

Melbourne’s e-commerce industry is growing rapidly. According to a recent survey, Point Cook in Melbourne’s west was the top online shopping suburb in Australia.

If you do not have an on-page and off-page SEO strategy, you have little chance of reaching potential customers in this area. Hence, SEO Melbourne service offers all three types of SEO services and is always a good choice.

2. How will you improve your search engine rankings?

In order to achieve significant results, SEO strategies must be determined. You might see sporadic increases in traffic if the SEO agency focuses on random keywords and builds links.

This is a temporary effect that has no major impact on rankings. Search engine ranking should be improved by the agency’s plan.

Start with technical SEO and then focus on on-page and off-page SEO tactics.

3. Can You Share Information about Your Past Clients and Results?

The process of shopping for an SEO agency in Melbourne is similar to shopping for any other product or service. You should check past case studies, reviews, and testimonials.

It is unrealistic to expect that the SEO agency will provide the names and contact information of all their previous clients. However, the agency should be happy to provide information about 3-4 clients they have worked within the past.

4. Do You Always Follow Google’s Best Practices?

For long-term growth, it is important to follow Google’s best practices. There are many SEO agencies that violate Google’s SEO rules.

Even if you get quick results from black-hat SEO, there is a higher chance of being penalized by Google sooner or later.

5. What tools do you use to develop and evaluate SEO campaigns?

It is possible to analyze the performance of different aspects of SEO using several SEO tools. Here are some tools worth mentioning:

The technical SEO tools analyze your website and find out various technical issues with it. This would be difficult to find manually.

These tools allow you to gather information about your target audience. Additionally, it helps you know the popularity and competition of different keywords in your niche.

The tools mentioned above are great if the SEO agency uses them. The agency might not be the best SEO partner, however, if it uses link-building tools.

6. Can You Guarantee the No. 1 Rank for My Website for the Main Keywords?

It’s impossible to guarantee your website will rank No.1 in a given period. Google makes hundreds of changes every year to its search algorithm.

Although SEO agencies can guarantee an increase in traffic over time, they cannot guarantee to rank for keywords. If an SEO agency offers guarantees of any kind, it is merely a sales tactic with no value.

7. How Often Will You Report Your Work?

It is expected that the SEO agency will make changes to your website. SEO agencies are usually accommodating to your needs. Reporting is usually done on a weekly or monthly basis.

It should include a summary of activities, search engine rankings, search traffic, and conversions.

8. What Experience Do You Have to Deliver Results in My Industry?

Each industry and its target audience are unique. The market for some products and services is so small that it is a fraction of the size of popular industries. Experts with industry knowledge are always a good choice.

According to the Australian Online Shopping Industry Report, Hoppers Crossing, a suburb in Melbourne, has experienced a 21.8% growth in online shopping and is ranked in Australia’s top ten buying locations.

A Melbourne SEO agency specializing in your business niche knows your competitors, target audience, and the strategies you should use to reach them.

9. How Will Your SEO Campaign Tie With Other Marketing Efforts?

South Australia’s online shopping growth is predicted at 20.9%. Australia’s remote households frequently shop online. They purchase 1.2 times more than the national average.

The SEO agency in Melbourne should ensure support and strengthen your other marketing campaigns to reach a wider customer base.

The agency should be able to integrate SEO with your inbound campaign. Some companies also take support of SEO during product launches.

10. Are You Up to Date With Algorithm Changes?

Google algorithms come announced, and websites get affected. SEO agencies should be aware of the latest algorithm updates and how they impact site rankings.

The agency should understand how these algorithm updates affect different ranking signals. If the SEO agency is ignorant about recent changes and their effect on website rankings, it is not a potential SEO partner.

Online fashion sales are expected to grow at a rate of around 20.3% in cities like Melbourne, according to a recent market report. You cannot succeed online without hiring an SEO agency.

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